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Discreet, Comfortable, Modern Epipen & AuviQ Carriers. Making it Easy to Have Immediate Access to your Emergency Shots at all times

epipen undergarment waist sling by omaxcare.com

WaistPal™ Epipen Athletic Pouch better than any case for kids and teens.



Undergarment Epipen waist sling. Originally designed for school and college student athletes with exercise induce anaphylaxis has become the #1 choice among school aged children in the USA for carrying their auto injectors under and over their uniforms.

  • Two Fast Access Pockets ( one front & one back)   
  • Discreet! Easy to hide under your clothing. Only 1.5 inches wide (3.81cm)
  • High Quality Soft Neoprene fabric Waterproof, Insulates, Fire Retardant

One size fits most: shipped with two side straps so you can choose the fit you like.

Measure where you will wear the WaistPal and if it's 20 to 32 inches it will fit!